Our Kadooglu oil factory was established in Gaziantep in 4th Organized Industrial Zone in 2007 with 300 ton / day refinery production capacity and 450 ton / day filling capacity. We entered the vegetable oil sector with Bizce brand and thanks to our superior quality products; we spread to the whole country in the local market of Turkey in a short time. Having increased its competitive power every year, our factory managed to increase its production capacity from 600 tons / day in 2014 to 650 tons / day in 2017. We benefited from Italian technology for filling and packaging while establishing refining, winterizing, bleaching and deodorizing with Swedish company Alfa Laval, one of the leading companies in the sector.

In our factory where we employ 250 people, there is a shelf system where the packaging materials equal to 5,000 tons of production can be stored with electric stacking machines. For finished products, there is a shelf system that stores 7,000 tons of products. We also carry on our activities with electric and LPG forklifts as well as a hydraulic damper system to ensure fast, practical and trouble-free shipment of 40 trucks (640 tons) per day.